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The forums are only viewable by members so I thought I'd share with you my reasons for setting up this site.

I have two adult sons (aged 18 & 20 now), and have been a single mum since the birth of my second child.  There father hasn't helped financially or otherwise and has seen nothing of them since they were tiny.

I left my job as a psychiatric nurse, to set up my own business, so I could stay at home with my children. In the early days, money was very tight, and I didn't have enough money to do anything other than cover the basics. The children came first. I worked long hours, and rarely socialised. By chance, I met someone a few years later. It wasn't long into the relationship, that I didn't feel it was good for me, but for reasons I cannot explain I just muddled on. I lost a lot of confidence in myself, and began to isolate myself more than ever, we rarely went out anywhere together and I was uncertain about his conviction to our relationship. Despite the fact that my doubts, were there, right at the beginning, it took me 15 years to pluck up the courage to end the relationship.


Alone, I decided to try online dating, but that was a total disaster, and after a couple of dates I decided I needed a different approach. My close friends were in steady relationships, and with work and family commitments, couldn't really give me much of their time for socialising. 

So, I contacted lots of local women on the dating site, and asked if They would like to join my Facebook group, for evenings out together.  I received a fabulous response, and we had a few nights out. I became great friends with two ladies in particular as we had so much in common. I decided to make the group more available, hence this website. 

My best friend noticed the change in me, I was happier, more positive, had more energy and I looked healthier!  Everyone should feel this way, and this site, will allow us to connect so we can support each other toward a happier healthier future.


Has loneliness affected your life, are you still struggling, or did you find a solution? 

Please share your story, to inspire others, show they are not alone, or to offer support.


Kellie x



Hi I am not around right now. But you can send me an email and I will get back to you, asap. Kellie x


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