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Welcome to my site/blog, the following is a brief insight into my personal life and my reasons behind creating this website.  Join us today and add a spark to your social life.
My adult life commenced at 18 when I began training as a nurse.  Living in the nurses home, I was surrounded by colleagues' who quickly became friends. After qualifying I continued to work full-time at the hospital but shortly after having my second child, I became a single mum and the shift work made child care an impossibility.  To make ends meet and to ensure time for my new-born child I left my job in the NHS and set up my own business selling Sewing Supplies online.  Working from home enabled me to be a full time mum and run a full-time business.  After all, who needs to sleep? Sacrificing my job also took a toll on my social life and close friends I had made, began to slowly drift away.
When my boys were in their last years at primary school we moved into a small village in Lincolnshire.  The school was 4 miles away, so the children were collected by bus, meaning I rarely had to visit the school. It was during the first year of moving into our new home that I began to feel as if I was living an almost solitary existence.   The childhood town in which I had grown seemed a million miles away and friends grew more distant than ever,  as every mother  knows time is a precious commodity, and so my workload kept me busy and my mind strayed further from my lack of relationships.
My children and business consumed so much time, having a social life really wasn’t an option, so it didn’t cause a problem!  Once my sons grew up and could drive, I was no-longer required to taxi them around. I suddenly had so much more time to myself, and I realised I had so very few people in my life to spend it with.  I had always been a very sociable, friendly person, but I had gradually become more and more isolated, without even realising it was happening.
As I was single the obvious choice to get back into the world was to find myself a fella!  With a lack of single friends to go out with, I decided to try the dating sites, but choosing to chat to a man over the internet, and meet up, simply from a blurry photo and a brief CV just wasn’t for me!  I preferred the old method of going out to pubs and clubs, but that wasn’t something I could do alone!   Not one to give up, I contacted other local women on the dating site, asking them if they would like to get together for meet ups, and night outs!  I had thought I might be perceived as a little strange and was ready for rejection but instead I received an amazing response, and was flooded with replies.  It seems I wasn’t the only one who was struggling to meet like minded ladies, and so our meets and night outs began!
These meet-ups resulted in some amazing friendships, and quickly the emphasis of finding a man shifted to simply enjoying time with my new found friends.  We regularly pop around to each others homes, and go out weekly for good food and have a good natter!.
I was contacted by many women who expressed their disappointment that they lived too far away to join our group. This made me realise there were women all over the country who would relish the opportunity to make friends, and so the Find a Real Friend Site was born.
Join us today and add a spark to your social life.



Hi I am not around right now. But you can send me an email and I will get back to you, asap. Kellie x


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